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Audit Engagements

We provide audit services to Rural and Urban Municipalities and Not for Profit Organizations.  Audits are often requested by outside parties, such as a regulatory body or at the discretion of the Board of Directors.Our audits are tailored and involve a comprehensive review and analysis of your financial statements in accordance with applicable financial reporting standards. This enables us to offer you valuable advice on how you can improve your internal controls and provide an accurate picture of your current financial position.

We are registered with CPA Saskatchewan and hold a comprehensive license to perform audit services.

Our audit teams follow Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS) for all audit engagements and adhere to rigorous quality control policies to provide you with an audit opinion that meets the highest standard.

Review Engagements

We provide review engagement services for Not for Profit organizations that require a limited level of assurance.  In a review engagement, we assess your financial statements through enquiry, analysis and discussion, and provide limited assurance that your financial statements are presented in accordance with applicable financial reporting standards.


Compilation Engagements ( Notice to Readers )

A compilation engagement complies the information provided by management into a set of professionally prepared financial statements.  These financial statements are often prepared in conjunction with your corporate income tax return.

Corporate Income Tax Returns

Corporate income tax is complex and nearly every transaction can result in tax implications.  The tax laws are always changing and are becoming increasingly difficult.

We are continually investing in training our staff so ensure we are up to date with the ever-changing tax system.  We will work with you to ensure compliance with CRA while maximizing the returns to your business.

AgriStability and AgriInvest Applications

AgriStability provides support when you experience a large margin decline. You may be able to receive an AgriStability payment when your current year program margin falls below 70% of your reference margin.

AgriStability is based on margins:

Program margin – your allowable income minus your allowable expenses in a given year, with adjustments for changes in receivables, payables and inventory. These adjustments are made based on information you submit on the AgriStability harmonized form.

Reference margin – your average program margin for three of the past five years (the lowest and highest margins are dropped from the calculation). Your reference margin will be limited to the lower of your historical reference margin or your average allowable expenses for the years used to calculate your reference margin.

Should your production margin fall below 70% of your reference margin in a given year, you will receive a program payment.

AgriInvest is savings accounts that allows you to make annual deposits and receive matching government contributions based on the following calculation:

  • Each year, you can deposit up to 1.5 percent of your Allowable Net Sales (ANS) into an AgriInvest account and receive a matching contribution from federal and provincial governments. You can withdraw the funds at any time for risk mitigation or other investments.
  • The Allowable Net Sales is calculated based on the following:  Gross sales of allowable commodities  – Purchases of allowable commodities = Allowable Net Sales (ANS)
  • Allowable Net Sales is limited to a maximum of $1.5 million per eligible participant.

Corporate and Personal Tax Planning

Building and preserving your corporate and personal wealth requires specialized attention. Major decisions such as sole proprietorship versus incorporation, succession planning and planning for the future require careful consideration.

We believe our clients require professional tax advice in conjunction with financial planning to  reach their long term goals.


Bookkeeping and Payroll Services

Our bookkeeping services are designed to work with the needs of our clients.  We can customize the services to provide the services our clients require.

We can provide full or partial bookkeeping, payroll services, filing of required documents such as GST, PST, LCT, WCB, Payroll Remittances and required tax slips.